Support for the U.S. workforce


Free online COVID-19 training resources

The materials below are specifically designed to help you stay physically, emotionally and financially safe and informed during this period of uncertainty.

Are you a frontline worker?

Online training topics:

Preventing illness at home & work

What to do if you feel sick

. . . and more coming soon

Working at a COVID-19 testing center?

Online training topics:

Proper testing practices and procedures

Best practices for gathering specimens to test

Storage and transport guidelines

Why is #StopTheSpread doing this?

We want to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need during this time of uncertainty. That’s why we’ve partnered with Guild Education and some of America’s leading academic providers to create unique content for workers #OnTheFrontline, including those dedicated to providing healthcare, delivering food to our homes, supporting supply chains and more.

Give your employees the tools they need

Arm your people with the knowledge they need to stay safe.  

Ready to help #StopTheSpread?

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